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Signatures for Connie Trepanier for Geology Department Secretary

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1 ErinAdlakha Go Connie!
2 MitchellKerr stay Connie stay!
3 MattStimson  
4 AngelikiPapoutsa  
5 BenRichards  
6 AllieDeCoste We love you Connie! Hope you can stay with us forever!
7 steveswinamer  
8 ShawnTaylor  
9 MichaelWarren Connie is a fantastic secretary, and for the short time she has been with us, she has also been our friend. Her enthusiasm and friendly disposition make her a perfect candidate for the job!
10 VictorOwen Connie is an asset to our Dept. She is outgoing, learns quickly, and works efficiently. She is an excellent secretary.
11 EvanGladney from what I have heard this is a good candidate for full time employment. Evan
12 DarrenLeFort  
13 StevenCrowell  
14 CynthiaSawatzky  
15 KevinRennie  
16 JustinLaFosse  
17 AndreGrondin connie = the best
18 CraigStewart A wonderful addition to the department!
19 BrandonBoucher  
20 AndrewMeek